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Hi, I’m Rachael!

Welcome to ISEL Digital, we’re digital marketing specialists that support businesses, schools, charities and social enterprises to increase their digital presence and market themselves to the right people in the correct way.

Digital marketing is so much more than “just a website” or  “social media” it involves lots of pillars that work together to maximise your impact in the digital world.

Whether it be paid marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms, some guidance and support in putting together a Digital Marketing Strategy or total management of all of your Digital Marketing needs, ISEL Digital can help.

We work with partners who offer complementary services to ISEL Digital’s knowledge base such as website building and SEO optimisation which makes ISEL Digital a “once stop shop” for all of your Digital Marketing needs.


ISEL Digital offers a range of Digital Marketing Services, some of which are listed below. If there is an aspect of Digital Marketing listed that you’d like some more information on please do get in touch with ISEL Digital.

Social Media Platform Audit

£80 Per Platform (3 Platforms for £200)

Audit | Results | Suggestions

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn that you’re having trouble with ISEL Digital can help.

Is your Facebook Page set up correctly & the best for your business?

Is Instagram working for your business? Are you using hashtags & the correct mix of content?

Is Twitter blowing your mind? Confused with how fast it moves and how to get engagement?

How professional do you need to be on LinkedIn – what should your profile look like & how do you find valuable connections?

What’s Included?

ISEL Digital’s social media process is a results-proven process which, if the audit feedback (given in report format) is followed will make a HUGE positive result on your social media accounts and engagement.

Social Media or Google Power Hours

£99 per 1hr session (2hrs for £170)

Guidance| Support

Can’t keep up to date with all of the updates on Facebook and Instagram?

Would like to know how to create engaging social media posts? What hashtags to use?

Want to know how to get the best out of each platform?

Spend an hour (or more) with ISEL Digital per platform to learn how to get the best out of your social media.

What’s included?

An initial assessment of your understanding & experience of social media will be carried out so that when the “Power Hour” takes place we can focus on those areas that you need to improve on in order to get the most out of Social Media and your Google My Business account for your business.

Social Media Organic Content Strategy

£350 Per Quarter

Social Media Strategy | Support

Whats Included?

Having a social media strategy takes the headache out of panicking about what to post where and when. A good social media strategy defines how your business will use social media to engage with your audience and potential customers/client, it will lay the foundation for your content and planning and posts.

ISEL Digital can work on a strategy for your business which will take you through the year. Every quarter (after consultation with your business) you will receive a strategy for the following quarter so that you are set and ready to start creating content around what we agree.

All you need to do is implement it.

Paid Digital Advertising Strategy

£500 per quarter

Paid digital advertising strategy | Support

A paid digital advertising strategy for the year ahead will give you the time to concentrate on your business, be it products or services. Whether you have event tickets to sell, places on courses to run or seasonal products that you want to get in front of your ideal customer. ISEL Digital can help.

What’s Included?

A well thought out and solid digital marketing strategy should set clear direction, goals, measure your market share, optimise your current campaigns (if any) for your business to help you become or remain competitive.

If your company does not have a digital marketing strategy in place, then it’s time to get one. Have a digital marketing strategy? It might be time for you to audit and see if it can be improved.

ISEL Digital will work on the paid strategy which will tie in with your organic posting strategy and also other various digital marketing pillars and data.

Social Media/Digital Marketing Nurture package


Guidance | Support

No clue how to set up your first Facebook, Instagram or Google advertising campaign?

No idea what Facebook Business Manager & Ads Manager is supposed to look like in order get campaigns started?

Haven’t got a Google My Business, Google Ads account, or can’t access them?

Already running Ads but they’re just not working for you? Don’t want to pay someone to run ads campaigns for you?

Starting off with an hour session and then having the remaining time from 30 minute + sessions as you wish.

What’s Included?

Work with ISEL Digital for support and guidance through Facebook Business and Ads Manager and Google Ads campaigns that will get you the results that you want, learning how to create, optimise and scale your ads.

Digital Marketing Project Management

£1,000 retainer*

*from – retainer minimum 3 months

Management | Support

Haven’t got the time to get the content for your website together & liaise with a web developer?

Not really sure and don’t have the time to figure out how all of the parts of digital marketing work together?

What’s Included?

Once a strategy and objective for your digital marketing are identified ISEL Digital can manage the various parts that need to work together in order to implement and launch it. Website, email, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, paid advertising, social media strategy all play a part in your digital marketing strategy & therefore need to be managed well in order for it to work. ISEL Digital will project manage this so you can work in your business.



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